Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger B3-028
Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger B3-028
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Products Description
Design Pressure 3.0MPa
Test Pressure 4.5MPa
Design Temperature -196~+200℃
Type of Channels H、L、M
Max.Welded Connection 1 3/8"
Max.Threaded Connection 1 1/4"
Max.Number of Plates 150

Model Number of plates A(mm) weight Hold-up volume Q1Q2  Q3Q4 Heat exchange area
B3-028 n 9+2.3n 1.3+0.09n 0.05Xn/2  0.05X(n-2)/2 (n-2)X0.028

Refrigeration Systems : 
Evaporator , 
Economizers and desuperheaters 
Air dryer 
Heat pump 
Absorption chiller 
Radiant floor, 
Snow melt, 
Boiler and 
Solar water heat exchanger 
District heating 
Other Industrial applications
Heat Recovery and oil cooler: hydraulic oil cooling, engine oil cooling, and fuel oil heating.
Steam heating
Flat plate heat exchanger 
Beer wort cooler 
Milk pasteurization 
Wind turbine oil cooler
Marine oil cooler
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