Aftercooler For Atlas ZH 7000 And ZH1000
Aftercooler For Atlas ZH 7000 And ZH1000
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1) Used as aftercooler for Atlas air compressor.
2) Copper tubes copper fins and stainless steel shell.
3) The tube was tested by 1.62MPa pressure to make sure the tube is strong and not leakage .
4) The shell was tested by 0.5Mpa water pressure to make sure the water system not leakage .
5) ASME certificated.

Work Condition:
1)Refrigerant side(In the tube): R22,R134a,R407c,R410a etc.
2)Water side (Between the tube and shell):Nature water, fresh water, sea water or other liquid  .

1)Heat transfer Tube: Copper tube,Al-brass,cupro-nickel
2)Shell: Carbon steel/stainless steel .

Main specifications
Design pressure 100mpa max.
Design temperature 1050℃ max.
Diameter of shell 3000mm max.
Heat exchange area/set 6000 square meter max.
Diameter of heat exchanger tube 10-70mm
Length of heat exchanger tube 100-20000mm
Type of heat exchanger tube 1) arc-tube
2) spiral-tube
Baffling element 1) segment baffle plate
2) circle baffle plate
3) vortex baffle plate
4)  rod-baffle
Main material 1) mild steel
2) low alloy steel
3) stainless steel
4) copper(for tube)
5) titanium (for tube)

This is used as an aftercooler for Atlas ZH7000/10000.
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